Brooklyn, New York 11226, United States


** Potential individual clients will have the opportunity to work with me at a rate of $35 per session. This rate is available for individual clients that can commit to at least 10 weekly therapy sessions. I provide only individual counseling at this time. **

Therapy is an opportunity to establish more peace and joy in your life. As your therapist, I will serve as
a guide to enhance your inner strength and develop a custom approach to better manage the
challenges in your life. My goal is to help you navigate through the process of improving your
self-awareness and confidence to make the decisions you may have wanted to make and create
healthy boundaries in your life.
My form of therapy is from a person-centered approach. As your therapist I will provide a safe space
without judgment to share your inner thoughts and concerns. Together we can make connections and
discover patterns in your life that interfere with your happiness and cause you dissatisfaction.
Becoming the best version of yourself takes time and practice. I believe that therapy is a collaborative
experience between therapist and client that can serve as the tool for lasting positive change. The
concentrations and issues highlighted below truly resonate with me and I would be glad to be alongside
you in this process.

I am a Graduate Student Level Therapist.

Anxiety & Stress
Relationship Issues

You can inquire to work with me, Shirnora at: WellnessTeam(at)BreakthroughSolutions.com

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