Carl Jung said, "I would rather be whole than good." Very often we put pressure on ourselves to "be" a certain way, so much that life can start to feel like acting versus living. This pressure tends to place stress on individuals and can often lead to anxiety, depression, and stress. I believe that therapy can be a tool to take off the masks we have learned to put on and begin to live from our whole self; finding freedom and our creativity. I believe that through compassion for all the parts of ourself we step closer to freedom.

I primarily work relationally with clients and thinking about psychotherapy through the lens of integral, gestalt, multicultural, psychodynamic, and sex-positive lenses. I offer a background in anger in women, Black identity, codependency recovery, intergenerational trauma, interracial relationships, multiracial Black identity, and sexuality and desire in women of color.

I have practiced yoga and meditation, and studied various healing modalities and metaphysics over the last 15 years and have taught yoga for over 10 years. I enjoy supporting folks who are inquiring into their spirituality and soul. I also work with psychics and empaths in supporting them with healthy boundaries.

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