Orlando, Florida 32839, United States of America


Shirley Dorsainvil is a conscious public speaker, award-winning online creative, and the voice of Black and Caribbean millennials navigating self-care routines on popular social spheres. The sought-after pre-licensed relationship and family therapist creates safe spaces for adultish individuals navigating the journey of all the ships in life—friendships, familial, romantic relationships). While, mending family bonds, strengthening healthy millennial relationship, debunking relationships, repairing unhealthy relationships, and building intimacy in couples.

The Haitian-Creole speaking therapists aims to destigmatize mental health in Black and Caribbean communities, she provides compassionate, and culturally sensitive care to unpack and empower clients. Using evidence-based therapies through an integrative lens of CBT & DBT (action-oriented skills trainings), positive psychology, and mindfulness techniques. Start your journey towards a more mindful you.

I accept Cigna but, to accommodate for others, I provide sliding-scale fees based on specific criteria. Additionally, I can provide a superbill in order for you to provide your insurance for reimbursement.

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