A lot of times we seek out therapy, not because one thing is going wrong in our lives, but a series of inter-working issues and events have become too unbearable to stand. I am here to help you gain a different perspective on your conflicts. To lend, to you, the space and skills to successfully handle the challenges in your life through work on your mind, body and spirit.
Through a systemic lens I recognize all things function as a system, including us as individual beings. The three parts of us; mind body in soul, when working in harmony allows us to experience peace , joy and clarity. When we are experiencing other negative feelings: despair, frustration, overwhelming anxiety, it is typically due to our individual systems being out of alignment.

My 14 year background working within the behavioral/ mental health field allows for an expansive understanding of the systems dynamic and clinical psychology of us as human beings. My 9 year journey understanding spirituality and internal healing has aided to my unique techniques into the Therapy Field. My Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy was acquired from Drexel University. I am also currently Licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.
My treatment preferences are Family Systems, Mindfulness therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused therapy and Energy Healing Therapies.

As Black women we have successfully learned how to mask our pain and hurt, which has only led to generational disturbances passed down both before us and after us. These generational patterns have created loneliness, hurts and more pain. It is time to put a stop to those generational patterns by learning to put ourselves first!

As someone who has experienced trauma, I know all too well the impacts of our whole system being out of alignment. Creating the time, space and investment to heal yourself is not only important, but necessary for growth. Here at WrightNOW Counseling, I have created a safe place to do just that. Do not hesitate and start putting yourself first today. Because it is today is "Truly the Wright time for Change"

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Group Therapy Details

I am currently offering a Women's Wholistic Wellness Outpatient Therapy Group. Meets virtually online 2x/month. Visit my website for details.

Also offering Family/Couples Therapy Virtual group. This group allows couples and families to attend at will to weekly groups and acquire tools and techniques to assist with relationship challenges.

The last group that is offered is the TEEN Outpatient Therapy Group. A place where Teens can come and feel less alone in their struggles for mental wellness. They are able to gather tools and techniques to assist with their mental wellness.