This is the first step towards choosing you! If you are reading this it is not by accident; THIS IS YOUR SIGN!!!

Due the increase of COVID-19 cases the demand has switched to virtual sessions. Unfortunately, I must alcoate resources efficiently. I have decided to return to virtual sessions; I apologize for any inconvenience. It is my goal to keep everyone safe and serve and my clients. I hope that we can find a way to meet your needs.
If the cases decrease and the demand for in-person sessions increase I look forward to returning to in-person sessions.

My philosophy on therapy; therapy is guidance during times of uncertainty, unsure paths, and situations. Therapy is the flashlight in through dark tunnels, where you are holding the flashlight luminating what you want to see. Where do I come in... during treatment we will work together exploring and learning your triggers, learning, and utilizing coping skills and techniques, address trauma and strengthen your mental wellness.
Mental health is just as if not more than important as your physical health. Therapy is not only supportive counseling, but it will also take practice, consistency, and rolling up your sleeves and getting real.

What I want potential clients to know is I have a relationship versus authority personality; I ask a lot of questions to be sure that I am fully understanding as well as to challenge your thought and thinking process. Trust is a key component with therapist and the client. I may not be your cup of tea...maybe I am more like a stiff shot! and that is ok!!! remember this process is about you!

About me:
My name is Sherry McClelland, Wife, stepmother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and friend. I attended Eastern Michigan University-Ypsilanti MI where I obtained my undergraduate degree in social work April of 2009 and continued forward to obtain my graduate degree in social work from Wayne State University- Detroit MI April of 2010.
I have been working with children (5-13), adolescence (13-18), adults, families and the senior population implementing therapy modules and evidence-based practices since 2016. Prior to therapy, I gained experience in case management services, linking, and coordinating people to community resources, assisting with the recidivism rate in Washtenaw Co, assisting at-risk pregnant and women with children to proper care and resources to promote emotional and physical growth of the child and mom.

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