You haven’t had time to just stop and self-explore the potential you have to be the person you desire to be. Maybe all your energy has went into your career, your family, others, and you often forget about an important person, You. With so many challenges and roadblocks you find yourself in a repeated cycle of unhappiness, uncertainty, or self-doubt. All these circumstances have prevented you from answering the question how can I live the life I want? Others may think you have it all together but inside you’re exhausted, tired of being in survival mode, and are ready to live.

I am an open-minded relatable psychotherapist and I welcome you to a space where your healing and life fulfilling journey can begin. You are the expert of your life. I am not here to tell you what to do or how to live but to empower you to do the work and provide unconditional positive regard throughout your journey. I am passionate about empowerment and skill-building while working towards identifying and creating the life that makes sense to you. I focus on the present challenges while helping increase insight to make the desired progress towards growth, change, and restoration. I use a compassionate and understanding approach rooted in mindfulness to tailor techniques to your specific needs.

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