My policy is, come as you are, in whatever state that may be.
Are you going through what feels like a never-ending cycle of intrusive thoughts? Do you often find yourself stuck in an anxious loop, that eventually leaves you stuck and unable to make decisions? Whatever the concerns are, I can help stabilize your mind and find solutions to maintain a general sense of well-being and mental clarity. Usually this starts with addressing our emotions, bringing ourselves to a calm place in order to acknowledge the problems. Big problems are usually small at first, no matter how trivial they are, and it’s completely okay to talk about them!
Clients who work with me can expect an empathetic and non-judgmental environment where they feel safe to communicate anything they choose to express. My comprehensive experience includes but is not limited to working with individuals with a history of trauma, mood disorders, especially dealing with a crisis. I have over 7 years in healthcare management, and in helping those directly with crisis management, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma related issues and Relationship Challenges.

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