I work with couples who have previously struggled with seeing improvement in other therapy or coaching services; BIPOC Couples; Interracial and Multicultural couples and individuals who experience a unique set of challenges; women who feel they’ve been pushed into the mold of who other's need them to be while struggling to identify their core self; men who've never had the space, energy or awareness to share the thoughts, feel the feelings and connect the dots; and therapists who've been everything to everybody, but have struggled in the area of self-care, burnout or achieving work/life balance.

The work I do is centered on identity, authenticity, and empowerment. I work with individuals to become the best versions of themselves. I empower them to show up authentically in the world and in their relationships whether it’s romantic, familial, friendships, work relationships or the most important relationship, their relationship with themselves.

I've worked alongside many individuals and couples from all walks of life and the truth is none of us have the cheat code to living your best life. We learn from our experiences and use the tools we find along the way. Therapy is a tool that I've witnessed change lives. It's a safe space to figure things out in this journey called life. Take the first step..

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