SISTAS ya'll FEELING?!?! When was the last time someone checked-in on you? The last time someone took time to listen to you? Often you find yourself being everything to everyone and receiving nothing from anyone. You give your all to your job/s, family, significant other and friends, but nothing to yourself. You feel unloved, alone, unappreciated, looked over and invisible. You try to do better, but it does not last. You find yourself back in a toxic cycle giving to everyone and giving nothing back to yourself. You are worn out. Your cup is empty, broken and/or non-existent. You are burnt-out!

As a Black professional, you are fed messages from society that you must work 10x harder than everyone else. That you cannot rest, put yourself first, and/or you cannot have it all. As your therapist, I am here to help you bury these messages, develop a new mindset with boundaries, and create a lifestyle that is healthy and fulfilling for you.

Now is the time to take the necessary steps to make changes in your life. Several months from now you can be in a new space with a different mindset and healthy living habits. Let's not wait another minute! Click on my website link to schedule your free 10-minute consultation. The future you are waiting for you!

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We offer support groups at this time. If interested please fill out our consultation form at AlteringLifestyleServices.com