You desire love, but you're having a hard time finding someone to meet your needs, or you're fearful about opening up; you're reluctant to engage in honest conversations out of fear that you will be hurt again; and/or you're hesitant to leave your current relationship due to fear of hurting the other person and/or being alone. If any of this resonates with you, I understand! As humans, we desire to be loved. When this basic need isn't met, we can experience chronic sadness, isolation, and anger. My goal with helping clients is to help them recognize unhealthy behavior, so they can break free of toxic generational patterns.

My counseling practice is hugely centered around Psychoanalytic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Wellness. It's important for clients to understand how much unresolved issues from their past can have a huge effect on their present life, which can lead to depression, anxiety, inability to handle conflict, and more.

In our first session, we will outline the full picture of your presenting problems. I will probe to help you think deeper about your current situation. This is important to recognize patterns & themes in your trajectory. From here, we create a treatment plan for your healing! Ready to make a change? Click on the "email me" button

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