I believe that being the best version of ourselves requires work. Many things can obstruct our path toward self-improvement. I enjoy accompanying our clients on their path and helping them to overcome their challenges. Individuals often become entrenched in patterns of behavior and relationships that are difficult to escape. But if I can assist my clients in honestly assessing their motivations, we believe they can live authentic, meaningful lives every day.
I specialize in individual, family, group and couple's therapy. I have experience with anxiety, depression, sexual assault and various types of relationship concerns. I enjoy working with a wide range of clients, and we are ready for the dynamic interactions that result from clients with unique perspectives.
One strength that I have as a clinician is the ability to put people at ease by providing a safe and non-judgmental space. I connect with my clients by helping to guide them each step of the way to achieve the life they envision for themselves.

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