My name is Sheika and I'm happy that you've made it this far.

I'm here to be a sounding board, offer a fresh perspective, and provide non-intrusive techniques to improve your overall wellbeing. You are approached as an individual and the expert regarding your life. I'm simply here to assist along the way.

You may be seeking therapy due to a major life event. Are you balancing parental, caregiver, relationship, or even familial stresses? You may simply want someone to listen without judgement while offering a voice of reason. I'm here to walk alongside you and to assist through whatever is causing discomfort at this time. With patience, consistency and, sometimes, just you showing up we will work toward you looking in the mirror with more confidence.

It's not always a simple journey but I will be here to provide tools that will empower you in multiple areas of mental health, emotional and professional functioning.

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