Are you overwhelmed? Are you trying to figure out your life as a professional, whether you are in school or in your established career? You feel as if there are more tasks than there are minutes in the day. Being a Superhero has become your long-term option and let's face it, you need a break. You have become frustrated, fatigue, resentful, questioning yourself, experiencing self-doubt, making poor decisions and you feel as if you have lost yourself. You have lost your balance. Ask yourself what might you do differently in life if you had solutions to create balanced living?

Ctrl Shift Balance Mental Wellness empowers professionals to identify solutions to create a balance between their career, family and emotional health. You can expect a person-centered, non-judgemental and empathic approach to address your specific needs in each session. Together we will collaborate to identify your problems and create tangible solutions.

You deserve a life of balance with skills to manage your stress, time for yourself, meaningful time with family and successful career. You are not alone and tools are closer than you think. In our busy lives, we often lose sight of our strengths but with the use of strength-based approaches, you will be able to create the life you desire to have.

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