My name is Shavone Marie Williams-Moss, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I entered the field of social work largely because of my family background; I was raised by a single father while my mother struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues and could not perform her role as a parent.

One day as an adult in my 20's, I saw my mother sitting on a bench on the main street in Kentucky. I welcomed her into my home only to discover she not only suffered from homelessness but bipolar disorder, major depression, and substance abuse. My mother lived with me for a year, after which she passed away. This situation made me wonder, what if, in her younger years, she would have met someone who was supportive, understanding, kind, selfless, and invested in helping her be the best version of her, she could be. It was then that I decided to enter the Social Work Field. I wanted to provide help to those who could not help themselves and aid to those in need.

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