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I specialize in working with the gifted and talented students who are now adults. The passionately curious, fast learners, and overthinkers.

You’re naturally good at what you do, but underneath the public successes are often deep personal struggles. You are known for your strengths, but haven't necessarily learned how to work with your areas of difficulty. You have always felt like you rarely meet people who truly get you. I understand where you are coming from.

I like to describe myself as a lifestyle therapist. In my sessions, we don’t just discuss concepts and coping skills – we talk about money mindsets, dating, relationships, family drama, health problems, healthy eating, work/life balance, and more. Therapy is a safe space and all aspects of you are welcome in the therapy room. By working with me, you will have a patient and skilled guide who can help you navigate the process of change.

I use a variety of techniques in treatment including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal skills training, mindfulness, breathing, and relaxation exercises.

Areas of expertise:
Adult ADHD & Executive Functioning
Integrative Medicine Mental Health Provider

Generally, I help clients set their own goals, evaluate their strengths, and explore how the past is impacting the present.

As you start to learn new techniques to manage those negative thoughts and implement changes in your daily life, you will feel a greater sense of confidence and start to have more good days.

If you’re still reading, reach out today by phone or email and schedule a no-cost consultation with me.

I currently maintain a small caseload so I can provide the highest level of care to clients. I will usually respond within 24 hours or less during business hours.

Accepting clients located in Maryland, DC, Georgia, and Florida

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