In the journey to becoming a parent, everyone loves to focus on the end result of having a baby but hardly talks about everything else that comes up with it. They forget about the brain fog, not feeling like yourself, the body betrayal, the relationships that are falling apart, the grief, or the plain exhaustion that you are experiencing at this moment. It's the part of the journey that you hide because you don't want to be judged, but deep down you are screaming out. You want to feel like yourself again. You want your body to do what it's supposed to. You want to feel heard, seen, and connected. You want stronger relationships.
I focus on perinatal mental health, which is the journey of becoming a parent from fertility through the postpartum period (early parenthood). Through Brainspotting, EMDR, CBT, and person-centered theory practices, I help individuals navigate their journey so they can have stronger, healthier connections with the people who matter most to them.
This can be a complicated time in one's life, filled with trials and tribulations. It is completely understandable that many struggles with adjusting to this phase. I specialize in this area to give those who are trying to get pregnant, who are pregnant, or postpartum, the needed space to process and strengthen their bonds. Email or Call for a consultation today!

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