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Hi I’m Shatevia. I help kids, teens and adults better manage their focus, attention to details/inattention and impulsivity.

If you struggle with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, depression, anxiety, grief or past trauma, you may have trouble staying on task, planning what you want to do or following directions or a sequence of steps. Regulating your emotions may also be a challenge. In the field of psychology the term to describe these behaviors is “executive functioning.” It can be a lot to manage!

But you don’t have to worry! You can learn how to get better at all of these things. You will see your life improve and the way you feel about how you show up in the world. Communicating or managing your frustrating emotions might also become easier. Self-control? Yes, it might not be so hard to tame your impulses.

I know what it is like to feel misunderstood and not heard. Many behaviors that adolescents and teens have stem from feeling misunderstood. Not being able to effectively communicate their needs just makes the situation worse.

When working with my clients I use trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy and Expressive Therapy.

After our work together, you will probably be able to tell people what you need and how you are feeling. Staying on task at home and at school could become easier. You might just see yourself become more task oriented and better able to manage getting assignments completed, impulses under control and improved relationships.

I love seeing my clients reach their highest potential. If you want to lead a more successful and productive life, let’s chat. Call today to get started!

**OON insurance benefits, PPO, POS, HSA and FSA accepted.

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