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How was your day today? Did you live up to the real you? Has life thrown some curve balls that have made it seem out of your control? Still finding it difficult to get over your loss? You find your thoughts are not as rational as you would like them to be. You're having racing thoughts one moment. You're depressed the next. You're experiencing internal conflict that's showing up in your relationships. You feel stuck in situations and relationships but not sure how to get out. You're even questioning your faith. You feel raveled as a ball of yarn. How do you cope? Tempted to use an unhealthy coping skill? STOP! My experience can help you dispute irrational thinking and empower you to use your wise mind. Counseling is an important part of self-care. As a person-centered counselor, I will sit with you and allow you to be your authentic self without judgment. You will find a safe place to share. I can help you see the strengths you have within and help you develop the hope that you can navigate your daily life with increased faith.
License and State: APC006096 Georgia
Supervisor: David Lane
Supervisor License: LPC001745 Georgia

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