Thank you for visiting my profile. I am currently seeing clients for virtual psychotherapy sessions, but may expand to including some in-person appointments in the near future.

I am Dr. Sharifa Freightman, Owner/Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Expansion Psychotherapy and Consultation, Inc.

I have worked with Black women for many years, and have encountered many women who want to explore prioritizing themselves and setting better boundaries with their families, in their relationships, and at work or school. In addition to working with such women, I have a related passion for working with women who would be considered late social bloomers-women who may have been the "designated survivor" in their family and put their own desires or even personality on the back burner to help family or simply adjust to the family dynamics or trauma. They may also be experiencing depression or anxiety. At this stage of life, these women want to explore aspects of their personality or temperament that may have been dormant and improve their mood and social functioning. I see my role as supporting them on that journey.

If my niche or focus areas sound like your situation or goals, please visit my website for more information, and consider scheduling a free initial consultation there, to see if we might be a good fit. Thanks!

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