When life's many transitions are uncertain, it can feel scary and sometimes chaotic. You may feel caught in a loop of going through the same struggles, find it hard to begin a task due to fear of failure, or even feel like you are "not good enough."
No one should feel trapped in an internal battle of negative thought patterns or behaviors when there is a healthy way out. In therapy, I strongly believe in providing a space where clients and I may collaborate on making their therapeutic journey authentic and meaningful. I believe in using methods that foster hope and the notion that change is possible. Regardless of the circumstances that bring you to therapy, I believe that each client has their own set of strengths...and I draw from those strengths to create a unique experience for you. I work alongside clients to face issues like anxiety, coping skills, stress, and relationship problems to name a few.
I want to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself and develop healthy habits for the mind and spirit.

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