Did you know that if we believe something, it leads to our thoughts. Our thoughts influences how we feel (our emotions), and our feelings influences our behaviors. If you have the belief that you are not good enough, you may start to experience negative beliefs about yourself and your abilities. This can lead to you feeling hopeless, unsure of who you are, anxious, sad, and other uncomfortable emotions that may ultimately influence you to start to avoid people, places, your personal and professional goals, etc. You may start to struggle with your confidence and your self-esteem, which may factor into your decision-making skills.

I use an eclectic approach (I utilize evidence-based modalities) grounded in psychodynamic therapy to help my clients gain insight and make meaningful, lasting change. My goal is to help you explore and challenge your current beliefs to influence thought, emotional, and behavioral changes. You will learn how to set boundaries with yourself, and others, to prevent self-sabotaging behaviors. Most importantly, you will learn how to become unapologetic and empowered as you become more accepting of yourself and your abilities.

In therapy, we will co-create a space for the whole parts of who you are, even the parts of yourself that may scare you or make you feel ashamed, due to you being extra critical of yourself and striving for perfectionism and not excellence. You will learn how to perceive yourself as someone who has both strengths and limitations, and not as someone who is superhuman and not prone to human error. I deeply respect and honor your decision to seek help in moving towards a fuller, richer life, and I'm looking forward to speaking with you. Please take a moment to review my website at www.creativenarrativecc.com for more information. I provide free consultations.

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