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Well hello there!
Let me say I am proud of you...for taking the first step, I mean searching for a therapist is the first step in your healing journey. I'm excited for you.

My name is Shanta Jackson and I am co-owner of Trinity Rising Counseling Center, a private practice based in Dallas, Texas.
I work with individuals who have gotten "stuck" somewhere in life and are at a place where they are ready to do the work. It can be challenging dealing with parts of yourself that you are afraid to face, but the beauty with therapy is you don't have to face them alone.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression, dealing with a career change, transitioning out of a relationship or marriage, or you are stressed out, and feel like you have lost your way, I can assist you with that. Lets work on getting you back to yourself, lets heal the wounds of your past, and rediscover who you are.

Remember, "you are not broken, you are breaking through."

*I have limited availability on my caseload for Texas.
*Accepting new clients in Georgia

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