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Have you been feeling down or overwhelmed? Are you experiencing unexplained irritability or mood swings? Are you feeling stuck and lost? What if I told you; you are not alone and there are ways to become unstuck and fulfilled. You don’t have to figure things out on your own. I help adults seeking life satisfaction; therapy at any stage in life can help with self-discovery and awareness. Many times, my clients are able to unravel the things that are holding them back from leading the life they’ve always envisioned.

I also help millennial couples in conflictual relationships. I often work with couples who have struggled to find peace in their relationships due to their inability to effectively communicate their needs to each other. I provide a safe space where couples can come together and communicate honestly. My approach to therapy is simple, I meet you where you are with no judgment. We work collaboratively on achieving your goals. I understand that life can seem unfair at times and taking the first steps toward change can seem unfamiliar and scary. I guide my clients every step of the way in helping them reach their full potential.

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