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You are pregnant again, but the excitement isn’t there. You feel anxiety before your OB appointments and try to make sure you are prepped enough to ask all the questions you need to. More stress keeps coming up. The thought of announcing your pregnancy and each new pregnancy symptom brings anxiety. You can’t help but wonder if you will lose this baby too. No one seems to understand. It hurts to hear your family and friends encouraging you to forget about your loss and move on. You want the best for your baby, but you keep thinking about the things you did or didn’t do during your last pregnancy. You wonder if you will be “enough” to bring home and care for a healthy baby. You feel helpless and isolated. You wonder if you can trust yourself, your pregnancy care provider and your body to protect this baby after what happened last time. You are anxious, frustrated and on edge...when do you get to be happy about your pregnancy?

My name is Shanna and I am a Perinatal Mental Health Therapist, Trained Doula, Lactation Counselor, Mama, Educator, Researcher and Advocate. Over the last 10+ years in my work supporting families, I have encountered many people who have struggled with challenges experienced throughout their lives, including upsetting birth or postpartum experiences, which have created a barrier which prevents them from reaching their highest potential as parents during their child's crucial early childhood years. When I became a parent, I found that I also had to overcome many challenges, including Pregnancy loss, Lactation challenges and Postpartum mood and anxiety disorder. I found a support system, evidence based knowledge and community resources helped me heal and my family thrive. I found my life’s purpose in dedicating myself to providing that same type of support and knowledge with others families.

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