Baltimore, Maryland 21209, United States


My name is Shanita Newman I am a Washington DC native.

As a clinician I strive to use my experience that comes along with being marginalized to work from a place of empathy and understanding when working with other marginalized groups. As well as using the privilege that I do have to advocate for those who may not have to ability to advocate for themselves.

Some of the modalities that I like to use are Client-Centered, CBT, and Expressive Arts. What I like about client-centered is that I feel like it gives the client a sense of control and gives them a role to play in their own healing. With CBT I believe that our thoughts have an impact on our behavior and feelings. I sometimes think we can get trapped in the thoughts which can lead us to repeat some behaviors that we want to change. Finally, with Expressive arts, I find that it is a way for us to unlock feelings we did not know we had or for us give life to something we did not have the language for. I enjoy working with Children/Adolescents and Teens as well as Young Adults. I enjoy doing individual therapy.

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