In some ways I've been where you are--going through a website looking for support and not being sure if the person on the other side is going to be able to help you. Maybe you're very clear about what you want to work on, maybe you're just not feeling like your best self and don't even know why. I've been on both sides of the helping relationship for a long time and I believe our lived experience, from our race/gender/sexual orientation to our birth order to even our line of work impacts us in ongoing, evolving ways. I'm someone who can give you honest feedback, challenge you, & hold space for your emotions with empathy.

For over 15 years, I've worked with women who've experienced trauma, abuse, incarceration, poverty, toxic relationships, drug/alcohol misuse, or are just trying to understand their depression & anxiety. As a Brooklyn born & raised Black Puerto Rican/Nuyorican woman, it is an honor to support Black and Brown women who want to discuss race & gender in the workplace & relationships and/or who want to explore their identity and have real conversations around racial trauma. I use a mix of coaching & therapeutic styles to help you heal.

Therapy isn't always neat & it's not always easy, but if we're a match, I believe it's worth the work. If you're tired of doing the same things, of feeling the same things, let's try something new together. Come into this space with openness, honesty, and commitment and I'll meet you with compassion, insight, transparency, and a sense of humor!

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