For me, mental wellness is extremely personal, since I believe that everyone deserves support in achieving and maintaining mental well-being. My approach to the therapeutic relationship is compassionate, flexible and supportive as I enjoy working collaboratively with clients' on their self-discovery and healing journeys.
I understand that recovery and peace of mind is attainable through work, reaching out for help, utilizing natural resources, and connecting with a higher power. The journey through life is not easy for some, but living a life of purpose is achievable for those who seek it. Every one of us is a work in progress navigating life with the skills we have at our disposal. The challenge is using your current skills to face the hard stuff.
My goal is always to support individuals in transforming pain into healing power that manifests self-love. "Love you, be you, and do you" has always been my motto because I believe taking good care of yourself allows you to live your best life.
I specialize in treating PTSD symptoms and substance abuse. In addition to my TF-CBT certification, I am trained in the seeking safety evidence-based model and hold my SIFI certification. I currently offer telehealth sessions to adults and children, with in-person sessions coming soon.

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