I help clients address their past trauma, work on emotional regulation, engage in inner-child work, and more. I love helping clients come out of their depression or anxiety, see their potential, and find their purpose in this world. I guide them in building their self-esteem, enhancing their self-awareness, and improving their overall functioning and stability.

I followed the path to the mental health field due to my own personal struggles growing up. I come from the Caribbean where mental health and therapy were taboo and there was little support when I struggled with extreme anxiety and panic attacks. With my go-getter attitude and desire to challenge myself, I decided to go deeper into a field that empowers me to help others in their processes. I am a firm believer in going through the process of therapy alongside my clients and allowing them to see that they are not on their journeys alone. We will work together through the dark times and the good times, always remembering that through everything there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have worked in the mental health field since 2012, mostly in the substance abuse field in multiple capacities. I am a therapist who challenges you but also helps you be gentle and empathetic to yourself.

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