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I understand that reaching out for help takes courage. Not because I'm a therapist, but because I've been there. From personal experience with generational trauma, domestic violence, and social injustices, I know how valuable therapy can be. I take my experience and use it to help marginalized populations heal from trauma, sexual abuse, childhood abuse, anxiety, & domestic violence.

I strive to break generational cycles of trauma to build healthier individuals, families & communities. Working from a lens of social justice I aim to affirm equal rights and address the injustices of society. I utilize an integrative approach specific to your needs to integrate healthier coping skills by utilizing brain and body modalities to rewrite your story.

I’m here to create a safe space for healing, inner growth, and peace. It may be difficult at times, but I am here to guide you through the tougher things and lead you to a beautiful destination. If you are ready to get started, I’m here to help you take the first step onto your path of healing.

*EMDR General Practitioner
*Brainspotting Therapist

Group Sessions:

A Space For Us:Black Trauma Skills Group
If these last few months have brought some sore spots and old wounds to the surface, this is a great time to heal it!

This Black Trauma Skills Group is perfect for you if you have been looking for tools to unpack and heal:

- self-limiting thoughts and beliefs

- history of trauma and loss

- unhealthy relationship patterns

Get the tools you need to go deeper in your healing journey - facilitated by a licensed, trauma-informed, inclusive and affirming counselor.

This can be the single decision that helps you:

- foster meaningful and thriving relationships

- gain self-awareness to better navigate life's setbacks

- go from pain to purpose and from survival to thriving!

The time for healing is now!

Class starts on October 11th. Registration only $180.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now.

PS - please share this and help a friend!

Registration ends on October 9th at 3pm EST!
Register by calling 8885515168 or go to shaenicole.com/workshops

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