Remember the last time you tried to avoid conflict? You did anything in your power to avoid having THE conversation or you gave in and said yes to just get it over with. Saying no or having the conversation would have been even harder because you are afraid you’d “disappoint them”, you “didn’t want to rock the boat” or fear they wouldn’t like you. And now the regret, the shoulds, and the could haves are piling up on the inside. You feel intense anxiety and are not sure how to tell them no. However, this feeling isn’t new. It’s something that you’ve struggled with most of your life.

You desire to have difficult conversations without feeling guilt, anxiety or walking on eggshells. We will work together to unveil the root of these issues to release the inner turmoil that comes up in hard conversations. I integrate somatic skills by inviting the body to therapy to help you integrate healthier coping skills to renew and rebuild your relationship with your emotions.

The freedom that comes with being able to express your true feelings is priceless. I’m here to create a calm space for healing, inner growth, and peace. It may be difficult at times, but I am here to guide you through the difficult things and lead you to a beautiful destination. If you are ready to take that first step, I invite you to connect with me.

Outside of the therapy room, you can catch me boxing, reading, doing yoga, or watching Marvel and/or DC movies.

It's best to call M-F 8-8 EST for an appointment: 888-234-7171

*I am virtual only

*Also accepts Loveland Vouchers

*Can provide a superbill to those desiring to utilize their OON (Out of Network) benefits to recoup some or all of your payment depending on your insurance's reimbursement rate.

*I am a LGBTQ+ affirming therapist trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and Brainspotting

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