As we navigate life, we have experiences that shape how we view ourselves and others. Sometimes these experiences and our circumstances become overwhelming and we need help straightening things out to see things clearly. As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, I support and empower my individual, couple, and family clients by embarking with them on a journey of discovery to explore how small changes in patterns of thought and behaviors may be helpful in alleviating them from their feelings of being "stuck".

I provide relationship focused counseling to individuals and couples, paying special attention to how relationships with others impact our relationships to ourselves. It is especially important for me to validate and honor my clients’ experiences with race-based trauma as well. I approach my clients by acknowledging the differences that exist between us, knowing my client is the expert on their life and experiences.

Unforeseen circumstances have put us all in a state of chaos. An effective therapeutic relationship can help you to work to regain control of the things you can, while extending yourself grace for the things you can't.

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