Welcome to the EXPERIENCE...This is NOT the same Western Philosophy to therapy. We are HEALING the entire Bio-field!!! I promote CHANGE and our journey is an Experience.
I combine mindfulness, cognitive therapy, sound frequency, introspective exercises and psycho-education to create powerful change. It is energy....we are all connected through energy, and what you think and what you expel your energy on, is what you will see PROJECTED in this realm of your reality. I believe on creating what you want to see in your life. We will focus on the physical & mental connection during treatment. Mindfulness has been proven to improve overall health, memory, concentration and focus while lessening emotional reactivity & anger. I utilize metaphysics, meditation & hypnotherapy to promote understanding of your subconscious mind. Together we identify any core beliefs or past trauma that could be hindering the healing process.
I look forward to guiding you through your path of introspection, reflection, clarity and revelation. I am a Licensed Masters Level Clinician possessing over twenty years experience in mental/behavioral health.
This is a partnership, a journey and a experience...You can always request an appointment on my site: https://synchronicity.clientsecure.me/
See you soon...on the couch!

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