I combine mindfulness and cognitive therapy to create powerful change. This somatic approach focuses on the physical & mental connection during treatment. Mindfulness has been proven to improve overall health, memory, concentration and focus while lessening emotional reactivity & anger. I utilize metaphysics, meditation & other holistic techniques to assist with reducing negative emotions & enhancing self awareness. I look forward to guiding you through your path of introspection, reflection, clarity and revelation. I am a Licensed Masters Level Clinician possessing over ten years experience in mental/behavioral health
As a Somatic Practitioner I incorporate the entire person, mind, body, spirit and emotions in the healing process. Together we look at how your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs shape your current reality. We identify any core beliefs or past trauma that could be hindering the healing process. We utilize mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy to influence change.
I am excited that you are embarking on this journey & humbled that you are inviting me along. Life can be tough, confusing and scary at times. This modality grounded in the mind-body connection, will move toward healing, growth, and understanding what your body is telling you and where your energy is stored. See you soon.

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