Have you given up hope for yourself or for your relationship? Is it becoming increasingly harder to complete everyday tasks? Are you stuck wondering who you are or even why you're here? Let me help you work through those feelings.
Healing starts from within and in this journey, you are not alone. Research shows that our thoughts directly impact our mood and actions, however, trauma can have an impact on our lives that can be felt both internally and externally. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I enjoy working with individuals, couples and entire family systems. I take time to get to know and respect the needs and wants of each client so that therapy is a comforting experience.
I believe people need to be heard. I ask questions, help clarify thoughts, explore options and seek out patterns that cause pain. The idea of change creates stress for many people-but, it doesn't have to.
I work collaboratively with my clients to assist them in harnessing their own inner resources on their path to inner healing.
I know from personal experience just how much life can hurt, as well as how wonderful it can be. This moment can be your new beginning. Feel free to call me with any questions you may have.
Your time is valuable and I strive to return all calls within 48 hours.

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