In world full current events that the ways we coexist as human beings, we lack safe spaces to be vulnerable. Most often the struggles, whether with depression, anxiety, concentration, toxic workplaces, trauma, experiences with racism, among other stressors are not openly discussed, creating deeply rooted feelings of loneliness and isolation. Most often the hardest thing is asking for help, confiding in someone, talking about how you feel. The beauty of therapy is that it provides this safe space to work through and discuss these issues, recognize how they affect different parts of your life and work to address them.

I intend to build a safe space for clients to explore and unpack feelings, thoughts, and experiences. My education and life experiences as a child of immigrants, a woman of color, who is first-generation, give me a unique perspective and approach to engaging in dialogue that provides clients the space to reflect on their life, not teach about it.

I hope to work with you on your journey to liberation in the way you see most fit. Let's work together to talk about the ugly parts of life that we are either culturally or socially expected to remain silent about. Therapy is a collaborative effort. Let's team together to work toward building a better you!

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