My name is Sasha Johnson, and I'm a counselor at Inside and Out Consulting, where I am the CEO. I also work for a company called AbleTo as a program therapist with a background in clinical mental health counseling and psychology. I am also the founder of a nonprofit organization called Sister's 2nd Chance, which aims to provide emotional support, mentorship, and mental health services for families while fighting the fight against homelessness. Even though my career is in counseling, I love to garden and try to sing my heart out. I was told it is about the song's heart or words, not the sound.

I am a native of Montgomery, AL, the oldest of seven children, the mother of two teenage sons, and the auntie to five nephews and five nieces, ages 11 months to 14 years old. I am passionate about loving my family and friends, writing books, watching movies, and hiking, and I love being able to help and provide community service. For fun, I love playing a game of spades or sitting on my patio to enjoy nature with a nice warm cup of coffee.

My favorite book has recently changed after reading ""Women Evolve"" by Sarah Jakes Roberts because, in essence, this book spoke to me. It reminded me to allow failure to motivate me and never forget the blessing from GOD that came before the lesson. My strengths are effective listening, open-mindedness, balancing multiple tasks, being a great mother, and willingness to accept and embrace change.

Lastly, I wanted to share an interesting fact many people do not know. When I started going through my divorce at age 20 with two sons, I failed out of a technical college, but now in about a month, I will complete my Ph.D. and be the first in my family to accomplish this.

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