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“A gentle reminder for you: Don’t get so caught up in “fixing” yourself that you forget to just be. Even if there are things in your life you’d like to look different, you are worthy and lovable as is.”
-Dr. Joy Harden Bradford (Therapy for Black Girls Founder)

I believe that all people—in their multi-faceted, intersectional, and unique selves—are inherently worthy. We have intrinsic problem-solving skills and wisdom to move through challenges and reach our goals. My belief is that we are all experts on our own lives and experiences. There is a transformative power in being able to share our stories and experience being truly heard, affirmed, and understood. This, partnered with true reflections, new ideas, tools, information, and opportunities to explore new ways of thinking and being, can facilitate drastic shifts in healing, growing, and telling a new story.

As a Black woman, my main mission is to continue to give a voice and a space to those that haven’t always put mental health first but rather positioned survival as a priority in their life. I enjoy working with people that are in need of a space to call their own. My work is centered around humility, collaboration, and a commitment to personal accountability.

When I work with clients, I take an approach of informed curiosity. This means that, rather than make assumptions about you or your situation, I pose informed questions to understand more fully who you are, what your experience of the world is like, where you want to go, and how I might help you get there. My approach understands that multiple truths can exist at the same time, even if they are seemingly opposite. I want to help you acknowledge, care for, and heal all parts of yourself, (including your relationships.) It is my job to help create a safe space where your whole, authentic self can show up.

About Me: I am a Marriage and Family Therapy graduate student at Seattle University. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Communications from Howard University in Washington, DC. After years of doing community outreach work and mentoring youth in my free time, I decided to pursue my passion for mental wellness and healing through counseling.

Reach out today! Note: I am available to provide telehealth to anyone residing in Washington.

Sarah Orihu, Clinical Therapy Intern

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