Social-Justice Informed Psychotherapy for
Liberated Mental Health

Sankofa Healing Studio specializes in social justice-informed therapy, serving marginalized youth and adults who are trauma-impacted and justice-involved. Sankofa believes that holistic treatment approaches are needed to disrupt the development of re-traumatization, interrupt the cycle of intergenerational trauma, and heal the wounds of trauma.

Racial trauma is pervasive and insidious. Studies have shown that racial trauma in the Black community is directly connected to shorter lifespans, higher rates of poverty, limited access to quality education, health disparities, increased maternal mortality, mental health challenges, and an overall decreased sense of hope. This traumatic stress is often magnified by the lack of space to name, express, and heal from it. Sankofa Healing Studio recognizes the healing power of deep community using. Our Healing Circles are grounded in principles of wellness for the Black Community and are designed to address the immediate emotional and somatic needs caused by historical trauma, race-related stress, racial fatigue, alienation, and isolation. Healing Circles are traditional spaces that speak to the relationship of the whole person to the community and to the world.

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