I'm Sandra Morrow - Change Agent! While it is said that change is the only constant in life, most people tend to resist it. Why is that? Change requires us to move from a place of comfort with which we have become familiar, even though that place of comfort has a negative impact upon our lives. Have you noticed an increased desire to for a more fulfilling life?

Why should you choose my practice? Here, you will learn that change is a very healthy path which leads to the ultimate goal of self-actualization. Self-actualization brings about healthy self-esteem, healthy boundaries, and freedom to grow and pursue your dreams. I am ready to take the journey with you! Allow me to help you find your way to a greater self-satisfaction.

I have successfully helped past clients change their lives by providing them the tools necessary to break negative patterns which caused the problems they previously faced. Are you ready to break your patterns and move toward a more positive, productive you? I am ready when you are! Looking forward...

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