Battling your mind and body for days trying to silence the intrusive thoughts that are screaming at you louder and louder? Waking up day after day feeling guilty for feeling the way you do...even though you told yourself that you will give yourself grace and start practicing to love yourself more, but you find yourself beating yourself up for not doing it right? Overthinking everything to be ten steps ahead so you can be certain not to screw up but as soon something doesn't go as planned you think the worst of yourself and question if you are good enough? You constantly seek approval because you are scared of failure?

After 10+ years of professional training and clinical expertise, you will learn how to control your thoughts and emotions and develop serving habits without overthinking or feeling guilty. Learn why past hurt and trauma sometimes feel like your brain is screaming and you have no control. You will develop true self love and confidence from inside and not.

Let's work together to make a difference in your life today! Let me help you show up as the unstoppable confident person that you are without needing constant validation from others. Submit your request on PsychologyToday or visit my website to schedule a consultation call. Please note, health insurance is Not accepted. My services are Private Pay only.

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