As your therapist, I will work as your co-pilot while you continue to navigate the waters of your life. My first aim is to cultivate a therapeutic space filled with validation and support as this will help us build a strong alliance. We will then work together to assess the accurate direction tailored specifically for your needs.

I will continue to strive in making sure that you are not only heard but most importantly, seen, for all that you are. In this space, we can explore many elements of your life and dive into questions that you have always wondered.

In my therapeutic work thus far, I have worked with cisgender and non-binary individuals as well as couples who are tackling subjects like anxiety, depression, trauma, and questions surrounding their overall identity. Aside from utilizing a psychodynamic approach, I also utilize narrative, multi-cultural, CBT, person-centered, and mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches that are directly connected to one’s intersectionality. Intersectionality is a conversation that I often bring within the therapeutic space with many of my clients as it helps us explore the multiple identities that encompass one whole. Each and every identity is an integral piece, and it is necessary to explore and honor each one.

As a young woman of color who has dealt with her own adversities, I work tirelessly to cultivate a space of empowerment for all my clients who tend to feel powerless and trapped in many of the spaces they may walk in. As my client, we will explore the many ways you can reclaim your power without compromising your true self.

I invite you to take this first step in your journey of self-exploration with me.

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