Do you find yourself struggling with acceptance, and finding a place to belong? Even though you have "a good life", do you find it difficult to be happy? Sometimes we can feel rejected by our society, culture, community, family, and even our own selves. For some, these feelings of self doubt stem from deep rooted issues that are tied to cultural beliefs, while for others it can be self-imposed. These challenges are especially true for those of us who are immigrants, children of immigrants, or people or color. Existing in a space that is not always welcoming (and sometimes hostile) towards you can be taxing on your mental health. If you experience any of these challenges, I am here to encourage you and to let you know that you CAN get to a place of self-love, acceptance, belonging, and happiness.

I do not promise that this journey will be easy, but I can hold your hand and provide support along the way. Together, we can explore the source of these feelings and insecurities. We will delve into cultural, social, and familial factors which can get in the way of your peace and happiness. We can discover the strength and inner beauty you may not see as clearly at this point in your life.

If any of this speaks to you, please feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation. PLEASE NOTE: I offer services exclusively online, for your convenience. (No traffic, parking issues, or uncomfortable waiting rooms).

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