Sade has been an advocate for mental health long before she understood what mental health is. As early as a child, she used clinical skills without any idea what she was doing. It wouldn’t be until her time in the military that she would start dedicating herself to researching ways to address mental health with other individuals in the military. Sade began her career by spending over a decade in the military and obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing. During her time in the service, she spent a significant amount of time working with a diverse range of people as both a liaison officer and public affairs specialist. During this time, she and her peers began noticing a distinct difference in her emotional intelligence and leadership skills as she worked with individuals from different backgrounds. Many were of different ages, ethnicities, social classes, countries, spiritual beliefs, and sexualities. Noticing this difference, Sade followed her gut and left the military to become a mental health counselor. She graduated with a Master of Clinical Mental Health from Mercer University in 2022 and has worked with various clients, including individuals who struggle with addictions, youth, and those who identify with LGBTQ+. I work with LGBTQ+ and racially diverse teens and adults.

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