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Making the decision to try therapy for the first time, can feel scary as you may not know what to expect. Hi, I’m Sadaqa and I want to be your therapist. I offer over 20 years of experience in clinical social work. I earned my Masters degree from Fordham University and focused the first part of my career on working with families and children. I am a LCSW as well as a registered family and divorce mediator. I offer expertise with developing successful co-parenting relationships and blended families. The last 15 years, I’ve shifted my career to supporting adults with chronic medical illnesses. Nephrology is a speciality practice and I have provided counseling and support to many people who are navigating life while on dialysis. My collaborative approach allows you to be in the driver seat, while I’m more of the person on the passengers side, with the map... guiding you as you drive through unfamiliar land. We all get lost; don’t feel quite like ourselves, feel overwhelmed, anxious, tired or saddened at different periods. I want to partner with you on your journey to a better experience.

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