In 2012, my nephew was murdered. Nothing in life could have prepared me for the overwhelming grief that shattered my world. I sought the help of a professional clinician who guided me through untangling from my traumatic grief. My therapist gave me a safe space to process my emotions and to heal. I was provided with a "tool box" filled with techniques and coping skills that enabled me to transition from accepting the death of my nephew to healing and moving forward from the loss.
Empowered by loss, I made a complete professional pivot from education into counseling. In an intentional effort to guide as many people as possible in identifying barriers to healing from trauma, I specialize in grief and loss counseling. By utilizing compassionate strength-focused, client-centered care, my approach is eclectic, designed to the needs of each individual, which promotes and supports healing through psycho education and therapeutic counseling.
Additionally, my practice areas include supporting clients through the complexities of life, self-esteem issues, depression and anxiety, sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship issues. I place significant focus on multicultural issues and survivors of murder victims, while working best with teenage, young and mature women as well as providing an affirming space for members of the LGBTQA+ community.
I am intentional with helping clients nurture and heal from their trauma wounds by turning their pain into purpose. By taking the pain and turning it into something meaningful, a person can become more than a survivor, they become a conqueror and, "gain a surpassing victory".

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