Understanding the idea of mental health and mental health treatment continues to be taboo in society, Sable Tempest Sweeper aims to normalize therapy. Being empathetic to the fact that many Individuals are often afraid, nervous, or have a fear of being judged for going to therapy, Sable uses relational skills to build a rapport with clients, meet individuals where they are, and most importantly incorporates normalization and bringing awareness to mental health issues. More, utilizing person-centered, CBT, solution-based, narrative, and family therapy, Sable provides a comfortable, open-minded, non-judgmental, and empathetic environment that allows clients to be vulnerable while working towards wellness. One of Sable’s specialties include childhood trauma. She is a firm believer that one’s upbringing has a strong influence on ones actions, behaviors, thoughts, and interpersonal relationships. As a relational therapist, it is a primary goal for Sable to develop a positive therapeutic alliance with clients to enable a healthy journey towards wellness.

“I strongly believe that one cannot live up to their full potential if they are not mentally healthy.” - Sweeper

Sable Tempest Sweeper earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University, a Master’s degree in Mental Health and Wellness from New York University, and certification in entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School Online.

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