Hello, I'm Rose-Marie, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Life can be stressful at times and it can be hard to cope with the everyday changes and curve balls thrown at you. Sometimes we don't think about the importance of our mental health. We struggle with adjusting to the changes life sends our way and may end up becoming anxious or depressed. In today's busy world we find ourselves playing multiple roles that require a lot of our time. We may even find it hard to communicate our feelings, emotions, wants and needs in our various relationships. As a result we may neglect to take care of ourselves or may focus more on one of our roles while neglecting the others. As a working mother of two, I totally get this and I am passionate about helping other parents navigate these demands. I can help you explore and find ways to cope. I use cognitive behavioral therapy to help address the thoughts that led to depression and increased persistent anxiety. I also use Solution Focused Therapy to look at what worked and how to do more of it.

The great thing is that you took the first step by seeking a therapist. This can be scary, but I believe in creating an open and safe environment for you to share issues and feelings without feeling judged. I work with you at a pace you feel comfortable with while building the therapeutic relationship.

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