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4th & Grove Counseling Services provides telehealth therapy throughout the state of New Jersey. We focus on trauma counseling for adults and bariatric evaluations. We help with managing depression and anxiety.

Counseling to Stop Letting Your Past Keep You From Your Future.
You didn’t want to wake up this morning to face another day of existing a mundane life. You spend your time daydreaming about taking your life to greater heights and living the life you truly want. You have lots of big dreams, but it’s hard to find the motivation to get things done when your day to day life is exhausting you.
You want to do more and be better.
Your desires are in reach, but feel so far away. You know you are more than what the eye can see. You party with your friends and appear so happy. Others see you as put together, head strong, and successful.
You know your past is holding you back.
When you sit down to figure out why you’re so stuck, you know it’s your past. You try to ignore it all and push through, but its not working. You tried therapy a few times but felt like the therapists weren’t a good fit and other times you just wasn’t ready, so you stopped. You want to find someone you can trust, understands you, won’t judge you, and who’s down to Earth.
You’re ready to take action for real this time.
You want to live that dream life, but know you have to deal with your stuff in order to get there. You feel scared to but no longer want to hold yourself back.
You’re ready for the next chapter in your life!
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