4th & Grove Counseling Services provides online video therapy throughout the state of New Jersey. We focus on trauma, depression, and anxiety counseling for adults and bariatric surgery psychological evaluations.

You feel depressed and worried about the future.  You see everyone around you winning and feel like when’s it gonna be your turn?

Sometimes you struggle to get out of bed, get things done, and just feel lazy.

You don’t feel motivated to do anything and feel like life is passing you by. 

You have the desire and ability to boss up, but your energy isn’t there.  

You decided to find a therapist, but see all these people that don’t look like you.

You search for a black therapist near you, but nobody’s really popping up.

You can’t seem to find a therapist that you’re feeling like that, who gets you.

You want someone you can identify with, who cuts through bull, and supports you without judgement while keeping it real.  

Someone who gets where you’re coming from and helps motivate you to achieve your goals.

Hey Sis,

I hear you, I see you, and I feel you.  

I help women just like you who’ve been through some stuff, learn how to deal with their lack of motivation, worry, and depressed mood.  

I know where you’re coming from and where you're trying to go cause queens recognize queens. You want to build a legacy.

You’re ready to boss up, but you don’t feel like a boss right now. I got you!

For 18 years, I’ve worked with people who are unmotivated, depressed, worried and avoid working on the core issues that got them that way. 

As a black therapist, I understand the culture and have the background to teach you the skills to feel better and stay motivated. 

I like to first help you learn the skills to manage your anxiety and depressed mood, then help you get up to start getting things done.  

I see my clients on a weekly basis for support, so they can stay on top of the skills to get and stay in a better place. 

We will work on your pace, so I’m not going to push you to talk about anything that you’re not ready to. 

I’m gonna keep it real with you and hold you accountable.

I’ll meet you where you’re at and help you boss up. 

Let’s get it! 

If you’re ready to level up, contact me for a FREE 15-minute consultation at 856.441.5216 or use the link below to schedule directly to learn how gaining skills and a plan of action can improve how you feel now and help you become the boss that you know you are!

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