Are you wondering if you’ll ever be “good-enough?” Are you constantly questioning your self-worth and finding it difficult to regard yourself with loving self-compassion? Do you find yourself overly extending yourself to others in effort to feel valued and wanted? Are you feeling a sense of emptiness that just won’t go away? Are you constantly exhausted with feelings of loneliness, shame and guilt within your relationships? Are the relationships with yourself and others challenged by your sense of unworthiness and brokenness? Do you want to experience a healthier you but you’re not sure of how to experience such change? If yes, you’re not alone and there is hope!

I’m here to help you to achieve restoration from the despair of emotional neglect and other relational traumas influencing emotional despair and disconnection from yourself and between yourself and others. My empathetic collaborative style offers a safe and nurturing space to experience a transformational emotional learning that assist in identifying and uprooting those thought and behavioral patterns holding you and your relationships bound to emotional suffering. Together, we will journey toward discovering the treasures within yourself that have been disowned and forgotten.

So, are you ready? Are you ready to heal the wounds preventing you from experiencing a healthy and happy relationship with yourself and between yourself and others? Are you ready to feel fulfilled and alive again? Are you ready to be re-introduced to the best parts of yourself? Are you ready to rediscover your value and self-worth? If you are, contact me today! I'm here!

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