Hey there!

Welcome, and congratulations on making your first step to taking back control of your life! You are so brave and courageous to be starting this path of exploring the benefits of therapy. The reality is, life is a journey, and we all need help sometimes. We can get stuck, become overwhelmed, or hopeless with everything that life throws at us.

My name is Rochelle, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and I am here to support you with the process of getting back on track. I truly believe that in order to experience the best life you can, you must care for all aspects of your health and wellness, which of course includes mental and emotional health.

I have worked with a very diverse population including, youth, families, disabled, adults, terminally ill, and elderly. Common areas of focus have included anxiety, depression, stress management, and adjustment.

I am huge on meeting you where you are and allowing your time, to be your time. At the end of the day, we are a TEAM! There is only one expert on your life, and that's YOU! I am just here as your teammate to help you navigate and explore the ins and outs of your journey by providing validation, alternative perspectives, and a safe non-judgmental space.

I am not able to accept minors at this time.

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